Golf fairwayOur Peat Free,100% Organic Fine Grade Lawn Dressing is mainly used as part of lawn renovation programmes after scarification and  over-seeding. Other uses are as a Top Dressing on Ornamental Lawns, Top Dressing for Golf Tees and Fairways.

It provides a perfect seed bed for germination and is full of micro and macro nutrients to feed the sward and enrich the soil. Envirodress Organic Fine Grade Lawn Dressing is perfect as a 100% organic, peat free, Turf Dressing with added Horticultural Grade  Sand to ease application.


  • Turf Dressing / Top Dressing – especially during lawn renovation work, re-seeding, levelling up lawns ,filling in depressions etc.
    Screened  0-5 mm. 100% Organic and Peat Free. Dry and fine enough to be applied through a spreader.

  • Ideally suited for renovating and re-seeding Golf Tees or problem areas on Golf Fairways.

  • Soil Conditioner – our PAS100 certified & CPQ Certified Fine Green Compost is perfect for ameliorating heavy clay soils due to its fine texture, and full of nutrients in the composted organic matter. *Perfect for applying to flower beds, etc, or for use as a seed bed prior to over-seeding or laying turf on top of.

  • As a Peat Free Tree Planting Compost by Local Authorities and Landscapers. Uses include major tree planting schemes as the micro and macro nutrients promote growth and healthy root development.

  • Main Customer base: Lawn Care Companies, Local Authorities, Golf Courses, Landscapers and Turf Growers.

*Envirodress Organic Fine Grade Lawn Dressing is not suitable for nursery use (potting etc) as it is too fine.