Golf fairwayOur Peat Free ,100% Organic Fine Green Compost Turf Dressing is mainly used as part of lawn renovation programmes after scarification and  over-seeding. Other uses are as a Top Dressing on Ornamental Lawns, Top Dressing for Golf Tees and Fairways.

It provides a perfect seed bed for germination and is full of micro and macro nutrients to feed the sward and enrich the soil. Envirodress Fine Green Compost is perfect as a 100% organic, peat free, Turf Dressing with added Horticultural Grade  Sand to ease application.

 USES  –  Turf Dressing / Top Dressing – especially during lawn renovation work, re-seeding, levelling up   etc . Screened  0 – 5 mm. 100% Organic and Peat Free. Dry and fine enough to be applied through a spreader.

Ideally suited for renovating and re-seeding Golf Tees or problem areas on Golf Fairways.

 Soil Conditioner –  our PAS 100 certified & CPQ Certified Fine Green Compost  is  perfect for ameliorating heavy clay soils due to its fine texture, and full of nutrients in the composted organic matter. *Perfect for applying to flower beds, etc, or for use as a seed bed prior to over-seeding or laying turf on top of.

As a Peat Free Tree Planting Compost by Local Authorities and Landscapers uses include major tree planting schemes as the micro and macro nutrients promote growth and healthy root development.

Main Customer base: Lawn Care Companies , Local Authorities, Golf Courses, Landscapers and Turf Growers.

Envirodress Fine Green Compost is not suitable for nursery use (potting etc) as it is too fine.