Envirodress Organic, Peat Free, Fine Grade Lawn Top Dressing

Our Organic Lawn Top Dressing is manufactured from peat free, biodegraded organic material in accordance with PAS100-2018, and is CQP (Compost Quality Protocol) certified.

Picture shows Envirodress lawn dressing being applied with a spreader on to a lawn

Our organic lawn dressing is created from green waste, e.g., grass cuttings and prunings, the organic material is composted down under forced aeration using high tech heat and humidity controls. Because of the high temperature during the process, weed seeds and pathogens are killed off. The dry compost is screened to 5mm and blended with 15% washed horticultural sand, then re-screened. It’s then processed through our unique milling machine, producing a fine, free-flowing Top Dressing, easy to apply by hand or with a mechanical spreader. 

Supplied in 20kg bags (approx 38-40 litres) and delivered throughout the UK mainland.
A Full Pallet consists of 47 x 20kg bags, and a Half Pallet, 23 x 20kg bags.

Available to purchase from our Website Online Shop also DLF MASTERLINE grass seed.

FOR TRADE ENQUIRIES, please contact Graham Walker: mobile 07976 762591 or email graham@envirodress.co.uk


100% organic and totally peat free, no chemicals or additives and with a pH close to neutral.
Dry, and fine enough (screened to 5mm), to be applied through a spreader.

A visual “green-up” effect is produced when applied to lawns.
It can be used as a seed bed for re-seeding lawns or over-seeding, enriching the soil, helping grass seed to establish and thrive.
Use for levelling lawns, filling in depressions and gap filling after laying turf.

On average a 20kg bag of Envirodress compost contains 80% organic matter and 20% plant nutrients: – Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P), Potassium (K), along with micronutrients, Magnesium, and Iron. All vital for healthy grass growth and root development. 

Application Rates

Top Dressing – Apply 1-2kg per m2 for a light dressing
Apply 2-4kg per m2 for a heavy top dressing when renovating and hollow coring.

Re-seeding/over seeding – 2-4kg per m2
If applying 2kg per m2, one 20kg bag will cover 10 m2
If applied at 1.5kg m2 one 20kg bag will cover 14m2