Envirodress Ltd are a national supplier of Peat Free Green Compost Lawn Top Dressing made from 100% organic, peat free, recycled green waste materials, BSI PAS 100 & CQP Certificated.

Our product is manufactured under environmentally friendly procedures from biodegraded recycled green waste (grass clippings and prunings) ,double screened and then milled ,producing a Fine, Dry, Peat Free Compost and Horticultural Grade Sand Blend Topdressing (0-5 mm), which is easy to apply through a Drop Spreader or by raking in by hand.

The small percent of Horticultural Grade Sand is added to aid application.


Our compost is very dark in colour with a pH close to neutral derived from recycled green waste material double screened from 5 mm down – (0-5 mm) average 5 mm, then milled and sand is blended in  to create a uniformally mixed Lawn Top Dressing. Our Lawn Dressing is 100% Organic and totally Peat Free.

The Peat Free, 100% organic compost produces an immediate “green-up” effect once applied to lawns and is perfect for use as a Seed Bed for re-seeding Lawns or Over-seeding / Top Dressing in lawn renovation work.

The compost reduces the need for fertilizer applications and improves the existing soil quality. PAS 100 & CPQ Certificated.

100% PEAT FREE – made from recycled green waste materials (such as grass clippings and garden prunings) which are then biodegraded into compost in a state of the art recycling facility.

The green waste is composted down under forced aeration using high tech heat and humidity controls, the high temperature kills off weed seeds and pathogens. It is turned daily for six weeks until it breaks down into a fine, sterile, stable material which passes the BSI PAS 100 CPQ (Quality Protocol for Composts ) Certification.

The compost is double screened to 0-5 mm ,then milled in our unique Milling Machine and blended with a small % of Horticultural Grade Sand to produce the highest grade Compost in the UK peat free.