Company Profile

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Managing Director Graham Walker has over 30 years’ expertise and experience in the Amenity Turf Industry, with management roles in Gem Professional, William Sinclair Horticulture and Freeland Horticulture specialising in Top Dressings and Sports Turf products. Dealing with distributors and end users means he has a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of the industry. He is also BASIS Registered in Amenity.

Graham’s passion for protecting the environment led to him gaining a BSc Honours Degree from Manchester University in Environmental Science, with his thesis on recycling waste in
the UK.
His aim to create 100% Organic Peat Free Products in the most environmentally friendly way possible, supplied in small, recycled bags, delivered nationally on pallets. Developing the use of PAS100 Green Compost (produced from recycled organic material).

To develop his idea for a completely new Organic Top Dressing for lawns, Graham started his own company 10 years ago – naming it ENVIRODRESS (Environmentally Friendly Dressing).

The main ingredient being PAS100 Green Compost. Over the years the product has been improved by blending in 15% Washed Horticultural Grade Sand to ease application through spreaders. The production process has constantly evolved to make the dressing finer and drier. To help achieve the fine consistency, a unique milling machine was designed and built by hand to grind the dressing, breaking up twiggy material and now screening to 5mm ensuring the dressing can easily be applied and brushed into any lawn / turf situation.

Graham has been incremental in developing the Green Compost based Lawn Dressing widely used today by the Lawn Care Industry throughout the UK.