Envirodress Ltd are also suppliers of:

Grade 1 Topsoils and Sports Pitch Renovation Mix (Football/Rugby Mix)
Blends of Topsoil/Sand/Green Compost – Supplied in 20 tonne/29tonne bulk loads. Using Grade 1 Topsoil, Horticultural Grade Sand and 10 mm Screened Green Compost. Excellent for use as Golf Course Divot Mix.

Amenity fertilizers

Envirodress supply a full range of Amenity Fertilizers – Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter Fine Turf Mini Granular and Sports Pitch Standard Granule Fertilizers.
We can make your required analysis as bespoke fertilizers.
Usage – Local Authorities, Golf Courses, Sports Clubs, Lawn Care Companies.
Supplied in 25kg or 20kg bags.

Haxey Washed Sports Sands

Football pitch

Envirodress Ltd are sole suppliers to the Amenity Trade of Haxey Washed Sports Sands.
Medium/Fine Washed Sand – Suitable as a Sand Dressing and for a Drainage Sand used in Sand Slitting.
Widely used by Local Authorities/Golf and Sports Clubs.
Supplied in 20 and 29 tonne bulk loads.

Envirodress Tree Planting Compost and Soil Conditioner

Our 100% Organic Green Compost based Tree Planting and Mulching Compost is prefect for establishing new plantings and for improving heavy soils.
Supplied in 20kg bags – 47 bags per pallet.
Widely used by Local Authorities and Landscapers.

Grass Seeds

Envirodress supply the full DLF range of Amenity Grass Seed for a wide variety of Sports and Landscape uses.
Supplied in 20kg bags — 50 bags per pallet.