Envirodress Ltd are also suppliers of:

Grade 1 Topsoils and Sports Pitch Renovation Mix (Football/Rugby Mix)

Amenity fertilizers

Envirodress supply a full range of Amenity Fertilizers – Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter Fine Turf Mini Granular and Sports Pitch Standard Granule Fertilizers.
We can make your required analysis as bespoke fertilizers.
Usage – Local Authorities, Golf Courses, Sports Clubs, Lawn Care Companies.
Supplied in 25kg or 20kg bags.

CPS LIQUID SEAWEED – Available in 5 x 20 Litre Drum deliveries @ £ 550.00 + vat (£ 660.00 including vat ) delivered in the UK ( £110.00 +vat per 20 Litre drum  –  £ 132.00 including vat and delivery ).

Haxey Washed Sports Sands

Football pitch

Envirodress Ltd are sole suppliers to the Amenity Trade of Haxey Washed Sports Sands.
Medium/Fine Washed Sand – Suitable as a Sand Dressing and for a Drainage Sand used in Sand Slitting.
Widely used by Local Authorities/Golf and Sports Clubs.
Supplied in 20 and 29 tonne bulk loads.

Envirodress Tree Planting Compost and Soil Conditioner

Our 100% Organic Green Compost based Tree Planting and Mulching Compost is prefect for establishing new plantings and for improving heavy soils.
Supplied in 20kg bags – 47 bags per pallet.
Widely used by Local Authorities and Landscapers.

Grass Seeds

Envirodress supply the full DLF range of Amenity Grass Seed for a wide variety of Sports and Landscape uses.
Supplied in 20kg bags — 50 bags per pallet.